CEO Note

                                                                                                                 Chitra group

Mr. Sagar Sachan



Welcome to the Chitra Group of Institutions, we are offering  programmes like Kinder Garden, School, College.



This year we have over one hundred new students who will be experiencing all we have to offer for the very first time – we welcome each of them and their families to CPGC. We will continue to do all we can to make all members of our community feel at home. We have also welcomed new teachers and their families, all of whom have enjoyed an orientation programme designed to ensure that they, and their returning colleagues, can provide students with the very best in education.



We are very proud of our Institution, but we must always move forward – and so this year we will:



Continue to build a true partnership between Students and College, as this is a cornerstone of effective learning



Continue to build an inclusive Institute, where Students, teachers, non-teaching staff share a mutual respect and understanding


Continue to develop Beauty of our environment


Continue our path towards becoming a great higher educational institution through innovation in the classroom and in technology together with great teachers


Continue the development of a true ‘customer service’ attitude in all our staff  in their dealings with you, our students



My best wishes – and welcome!


Sagar Sachan


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)