Founding Chairman, Chitra Group of Institutions

Mr. Suresh Kumar Sachan



Chitra Group is the realization of a vision. A vision to transform the educational landscape in the country and to make quality education available for one and all. From humble beginnings to one of the largest privately run educational institutes in the City, the story of Chitra Group is a tale written in spunk, enterprise and a compelling desire for palpable social change.


It was in 1980 that Mr. Suresh Kumar Sachan, a graduate from the reputed Kanpur University, Kanpur, laid the foundation of this vision. The initial setbacks and challenges were never a concern for this man who had tremendous faith in his dream. It is his commitment, prudence and visionary approach to school education that has made him one of the most venerated figures in the contemporary education sector.


Today, Chitra Group is working towards establishing its College. The vision that started three decades earlier has now become one of the most formidable success stories of our times.

For his contribution to uplift the education sector in the country, Mr. Sachan was awarded by three State’s Governors as well as he has received laurels from various ministries and has recently got award from the Uttar Pradesh Government awarded by Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Deputy Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh and earlier received an award by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri. Akhilesh Yadav. .

Today, the Chitra Group of Institutions has over thousands students and teachers carrying his vision forward.