Corporate social responsibility

Chitra Group


CPGC distributed Essential Kits to needy families in the region

Essential Kits


Due to the continued lockdown and no access to work, the financially poor are facing challenges in meeting their basic daily requirements. With this background, the CSR Committee of Chitra had contributed basic essentials to serve needy families in the region. Each kit had 5Kgs of Rice, 1 Kg of Sugar, ½ Kg of Tea Powder, 1 Litre of Cooking Oil and Soaps – Bathing and Washing. 





Providing Free education to 323 Students every year 



CSR is not an activity, it’s a necessity…

Over thousands of students have been benefited by our Free Education to The Needy. Chitra P.G. College has reserved  323 seats from various courses every year to the needy and to those who wish to persue higher education. Classification of the seats are 251 seats from Department of Arts, 51 seats from Department of Science, 21 seats from Department of Commerce.


Chitra – Door- to – door awareness program on Cleanliness by Students and Staff of Chitra

The students and staff of Chitra P.G. College took part, a door – to – door awareness building program about maintaining cleanliness and solid waste management organized by CPGC. Volunteers  along with students and staff of Chitra visited the shops and market and gave awareness regarding solid waste management and urged them to keep their surroundings clean. Approximately 100 shops were covered and information about waste segregation and management was explained. This initiative by Chitra P.G College was well appreciated by the public.


Institutional Social Responsibility – District Level Special Children Cultural Event

Final Year students accompanied by Chairman Suresh Sachan volunteered at the District Level Special Children Cultural Event at Chitra Sports Ground organized by Chitra P.G. College and Chitralekha Shiksha Seva Samiti. Besides, the students donated their contributions for the welfare of differently abled children.


Eye Camp and Operation Being Organised by Chitralekha Shiksha Sewa Samiti every year

We believe that offering someone eyesight through which one can see the world is the most one can offer. Chitralekha Shiksha Sewa Samiti have been organizing eye camp every year in almost 10 districts of Uttar Pradesh. We have been organizing eye camp and eye operations which has helped thousands of people. we have been advertising it to more than a thousand villages located in these districts. Eye checkups are done and if a patient needs medication or spectacles its been provided. we have been working closely with doctors and hundreds of patients are taken from their villages to kanpur city where their stay and transportation and operation and treatment is completely taken care by Chitra Group.






“Joy of Giving” is in making time to help others, even if we are struggling with our own personal problems. Chitralekha Shiksha Sewa Samiti led Community Initiative Drive “Lend A Hand – Power of 10” was successfully executed.

Department of Business Administration truly appreciates the gesture of students, not only MBA but also of Engineering who contributed generously to brighten the life of under-privileged children. It is worth mentioning of the objectives accomplished during the visit to Chitra:


  • Chitra volunteers conducted sessions to educate children on hygiene, healthy eating habits, news paper reading, road safety, dressing habits, health awareness etc.
  • Chitra volunteers engaged with the children through Spot games & Quiz competition.
  • Sponsored a special meal which included the menu as suggested by the Chitra Staff.
  • Granted the basic necessities for children like Bath Towel, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Bathing & Washing Soap, Detergent Powder, Dish wash Soaps, Buckets & Mug, Tea Powder, Stationery Kit, Fruits & Biscuits, Chocolates and also Phenyl for the cleanliness of the Ashram.
  • Gave old clothes, in wearable condition.
  • Cake cutting to celebrate with the children.

Chitra volunteers returned with immense learning outcomes from looking at their hearty smile that – life is about smiling the heart out and living a very happy life. We take our life, our family and also our health for granted and somewhere fail to appreciate and acknowledge their presence in our life. People who don’t have it, realize its true worth.



Various students have been sponsored by Chitra College Corpus Fund. Differently-abled are being helped by our college. Chitra Schools and CPGC offer reserved seats for Differently-Abled students.




Chitra Institutions, organized a blood donation camp in the College Campus and various other places

Mr. Suresh Sachan, Chairman, Chitra Group, inaugurated the Blood Donation Camp. Organized on yearly basis. blood donation is being organized by Chitra Group.

Staff members along with students and staff donated blood enthusiastically which was highly appreciated by the Chief Guest.