Madam Chitra Lekha Sachan

Managing Director, Chitra Group of Institutions


Educational leadership has a critical role in the transformation of society, and for change to happen, effective leaders are indispensible. After all the belief that the quality of leadership makes a significant difference to school and student outcomes cannot be overlooked.


If Mr. Suresh Kumar Sachan is credited with the vision of Chitra Group, it is the dynamic Mrs. Chitra Lekha Sachan, who has put in great efforts to transform this vision into reality. Today, as the Managing Director of our vibrant Institutes, she is responsible for providing overall strategic direction to the organization and ensuring effective imparting of education. Amicable, articulate and aware, Mrs. Sachan is bestowed with leadership qualities coupled with a benevolent, dignified grace befitting her name. Love for humanity, unflinching commitment to make excellence in education a reality has been her lifelong mission. She has made a definite difference in the educational system by modernizing it and making it more relevant to today’s times.


An ardent supporter of women’s empowerment, Mrs. Sachan is associated with many social projects targeted towards the upliftment of the poor and needy. She also takes a keen interest in promoting welfare of Senior Citizens.  Mrs. Chitra has won many awards for her outstanding contribution to education and social welfare.