We live in an era that continuously strives hard towards an eternal progress unearthing things that were once deemed impossible. This collective progress was a product of the mature integration of every single human being with each other irrespective of their cultural and ethnic diversity.

At CPGC we provide Integrated classroom environments to encourage collective participation ignoring cross-cultural differences. This attribute of cultural competence will give them an upper-hand when it comes to a workplace environment. The Cultural Diversity Counselling at CPGC helps students break the ice, knock off the walls and barriers, and helps them understand the magic of discovering the other.





Education is a basic human right that will help every individual to channelise their inborn talents to face life’s challenges. A person’s economic standard should not be a deciding factor to receive quality education, since it acts as the most important investment by which he/she can make their way out and escape poverty We offer 351 seats to the needy one’s.

Increasing access to education can improve the overall health and longevity of a society and grow economies. It is CPGC’s underlying belief that no child should be denied of education because of financial reasons and also that understands the fundamental importance of educating every child. To contribute to this cause, CPGC finds ways to provide sponsorship to the students, corporate support and more.



Given equal access to the attainment of educational qualification, women can be prominent agents of change that will aid the upliftment of the entire standard of mankind. Despite India’s best efforts in the interest of building a community relieved of gender stereotypes, the literacy disparity between the genders still run on high difference.


Investing in the education of girls brings high returns in terms of breaking cycles of poverty and aiding economic growth. CPGC is committed to encourage, equip and empower girls through its policy, rendering utmost preference to female applicants and also to the girls that are from scheduled caste and minority classes.