Student Life is ONE of Expressions



Chitra P.G College makes sure every student has the full college experience through the various activities including cultural events, sports facilities, hostel life and clubs. Whether your interest is playing cricket or becoming a chess master, CPGC provides students with avenues to express themselves.

At CPGC, there’s always something to be involved in. Not only is the setting perfect for sports and recreation, but also the CPGC family provides an atmosphere where each student can cultivate long-lasting friendships and spiritual maturity.


There’s no doubt that college is a big step, and a life changing one. It can be jarring for quite a lot of students. CPGC helps students let go of their fear of being left out, fear of loneliness, fear of failure and change. CPGC’s orientation program helps students break the ice, knock off the walls and barriers, and help them understand the magic of adapting themselves to new places and people.

We help prepare for the first day, guide them navigate through the whole of first year, assist their transition and prepare them for success. We also provide a campus tour, course overview and promote interaction between students among themselves and the faculty through an activity session.


Sometimes young minds need guidance to polish their personality. The students are advised on how to cope with different situations they tend to face. Be it a disturbing past experience, social anxiety, academic stress, peer pressure or even sensitive issues like relationship abuse, our professional counsellors will mend the students with way to cope and overcome whatever they are facing.

Mental health plays a prominent role over the entire course of one’s life and directly influences the well-being of an individual. At CPGC, we believe in being there for each other and helping people to voice their emotions out. By encouraging professional and personal interaction, we maintain a vibe of positivity all through.




We live in an era that continuously strives hard towards an eternal progress unearthing things that were once deemed impossible. This collective progress was a product of the mature integration of every single human being with each other irrespective of their cultural and ethnic diversity.

At CPGC we provide Integrated classroom environments helping students learn to collaborate and communicate with the different cultures, thus developing the attributes of cultural competence. This encourages collective participation ignoring cross-cultural differences giving them an upper hand when it comes to a workplace environment. We help each individual to respect the differences, validate the different cultural expressions and their diverse contributions while also focusing on celebrating rather than just tolerating the differences in order to bring about unity through diversity.


Every student has a different set of skills, with varying strength and weaknesses. Students receive individualized attention from their teachers based on their unique needs. We believe that not all students are alike and do not learn information in the same way.

Depending on individual needs, each child’s academic, social, and emotional background will be recognized and supported with a team approach from the teachers, the guidance counsellors, and the administration. After college hours can also be utilized by students for coaching classes upon their request. Our teachers are always up and ready to mend to the academic needs of the students.