CPGC Mission


Chitra P.G College at Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur has a mission of LeadershipScholarship and Service.


We prepare professionals for leadership roles in education.

Teaching is central to our scholarly identity and to the way we serve the educational needs of communities. We strive to develop and implement excellent, dynamic programs for the preparation of educators.

We seek to understand, reform and improve education.

We study the processes of human learning and development. We move beyond analysis to promote education policy reform and assist in implementation. We seek to improve the conditions of learning and teaching for everyone in a technological society. We conduct comprehensive, rigorous research that addresses the needs and problems of practice. We strengthen connections between theory and practice through partnerships with schools and communities.

We examine issues of education across the lifespan.

We seek to understand how children and adults learn and develop, and how educators can best use that knowledge for the benefit of all learners. We recognize that all educators are themselves learners and we are committed to providing opportunities for their continuous professional development. We strive to sustain our college as a scholarly community for students, faculty and staff.